Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uncluttered Living

I recently stumbled upon The Nesting Place and a post on how to cure thrift shopping disease.

This is pretty timely stuff for me... When Sarah came over last week, she pointed out that I have four lamps in my living room.  Four.  I also have three end tables, a coffee table, a TV console, and a sofa table.

{evidence of how much I love tables}

Which would be fine... If the room wasn't roughly 18x11.  Let's not even get into the china cabinet (that yes, holds china) in the bedroom.

Moral of the story:  We have too much stuff. 

The first step is admission, right?  So my resolution for the spring is to unpack this house... And send everything I don't love (or need) right out the door.  Can't wait to share along the way!

Psst... A certain eggplant couch is currently listed on Craigslist...  baby steps.


  1. I am the queen of getting rid of stuff if you need help! I (probably too easily) get rid of boxes of stuff at a time :)

  2. I feel your pain Catherine. We are also trying to de-clutter. We have WAY too much stuff and I really want to stop using our second and third bedrooms as hybrid rooms/storage space.