Monday, February 14, 2011

Pure Goodness

It was like a Valentine's Day gift from the blog universe... I literally just posted my rant & rave about coming up short in my search for a campaign chest.  Then I hit the thrift stores this weekend and...

Hello gorgeous!  Well, actually not so gorgeous now... But just oozing with potential!  Currently living in our kitchen, the hubby said to me at dinner last night:  "You do such a good job making the house look nice, but can you remind me why you bought that ugly dresser?"  Clearly, he is asking for a post on campaign dresser inspiration...

This piece was actually being used to store items in a thrift shop and didn't even have a price on it... So I asked the owner if she would consider selling it, then talked her down $15 from the original price!

I also picked up this lamp at the Sleepy Poet, on sale for $30!

I originally planned to paint it a fun color, but I am completely re-thinking that now.  I kind of like the gold and aqua accents... What do you think?

Definitely a fun weekend for finds!  Cannot wait to get started on that campaign chest...


  1. Love your campaign chest! Did you find it as Sleepy Poet as well? I really want to check that place out. I have heard it is amazing.

  2. The campaign chest actually came from a thrift shop in NoDa! But you should definitely check out Sleepy Poet! Some of the booths have turned into designer's booths, but there are still plenty to find great vintage or fun project pieces!