Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bedroom, part 3

Here are the final pictures... I really wish I had some 'before' shots. It sounds strange, but swapping the wing back chair for the old tv stand really brightened up the room... not to mention making it feel much larger.

I keep going back-and-forth on whether to hang several pictures on this wall 'gallery' style... I like the simple look of just the signing board from our wedding, but also like the more eclectic looks of several frames in different sizes & shapes clustered together.
I've temporarily borrowed this garden stool from our living room, but eventually want to get a white one to replace it with (word on the street was TJ Maxx had some for $30! but I couldn't find any at the one near our house) I like having it to double as a nightstand and small table by the chair.

I'm also considering a white slipcover for this ottoman and adding this light blue Greek key trim with some Fabri-Tac to soften the look a little. I tried to have this nightstand double as a dressing table.

So there you have it! Originally, I planned to add some light yellow or white curtains to the windows, but with everything in the room, I feel like just the wooden blinds work for window treatments... What do you think? Do curtain panels overwhelm a small room or add a soft touch? Any thoughts on my other comments above?
We still have a few final details to complete, but we're pretty excited about the impromptu progress on the room!

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  1. I love the room, Cath! Everything looks perfect!! Can you help me do mine in about a month or so??