Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

Hope that everyone had a wonderful & blessed Easter weekend! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and time with family. As always, it went by too fast.

I did a little antique browsing at the Metrolina Expo with Sarah, and we had the best time! She left with a few amazing finds for her upcoming wedding and her beautiful home... I left a tiny piece of my heart with this incredible set of 4 bamboo chairs...

Reupholster the seats, and the question is really what couldn't you do with these?! Use the set around a kitchen table, or one at your office desk... But I knew the hubs wouldn't approve, especially since he told me he thinks I am a furniture hoarder (pretty sure he was only partly kidding too).

On Saturday, I spent the day in the mountains with my dad and Jeff. I can paint and stain, without taping, with the best of them these days... The mountain house looks great, and I'm starting to think that we could start the cutest husband & wife painting/staining/general small-scale remodel and DIY side business.

After our annual church picnic and Easter service, I finally finished my bedroom painting projects... We're rearranging a few pieces of furniture tonight and will hopefully have some pictures later this week. Jeff says the refreshed furniture looks "hip" - Can't wait to hear what everyone else says!

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