Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soap Box

*Disclaimer:* I went back-and-forth on whether or not to post this, as I know people have strong views on either side of the spectrum. But in the words of John Prine, “you are who you are, and you ain’t who you ain’t” – So I’m posting with the disclaimer that you are free to skip over this little blog post if you feel firmly anti-organic.

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve been thinking (a lot) about going organic. It started with a brief conversation with a friend on Saturday about knowing where your meat comes from… Then on Tuesday, I shared with the hubby this short internet film, The Meatrix, on the same subject – courtesy of one of my anthropology classes in undergrad (*another disclaimer:* while this is a cartoon spoof of The Matrix, the content can be disturbing, especially if you’ve never considered where your food really comes from)

Then, for the ultimate sign-from-the-cosmos-that-we-need-to-make-a-change, Jeff was randomly flipping through the channels last night, and found the documentary, Food, Inc. on PBS. This was an eye-opener! As I watched and gestured and lamented my past ways, Jeff laughed at me (he has always championed veggies from a home garden, meatless dishes & other points raised in the film). Visit the website to learn more, and check out the film if you can.

You can also visit the Eat Well Guide for Charlotte, highlighting local organic grocery stores (Trader Joes, Home Economist, & Whole Foods) and restaurants (Pewter Rose, Nobles, & Ratcliffe On The Green - although not mentioned, Good Food on Montford should also be added to your list), as well as a table of fruits & veggies in season for our area (so that we’re not eating food that has been trucked 1500 miles to get here).

Okay, off my Earth Day soap box now… The views expressed here are solely my own, and I encourage ya’ll to explore all the information that is available to make your own informed decision. Now cue the ‘Everyday is Earth Day’ song and sign language that I learned in 3rd grade… Or the Captain Planet theme song, you can decide.

*NOTE: Food, Inc. will be streaming online at PBS in its entirety from now until Thursday, April 29th! Check it out. I’m hoping that Jeff can hook up our laptop to the tv for a second viewing, especially if anyone else is interested in a little viewing party (feel free to comment on my level of craziness or dorky-ness… just don't actually post those, pretty please).


  1. I LOVE it that you finally watched Food, Inc.!!! Now, maybe you can understand a little of my Whole Foods obsession:) I think it's fabulous you want to go organic...the only thing I would say is that Jeff will certainly not like the price! So...this is what you tell him when you check out at Whole Foods (or buy other organic food elsewhere): "Remember Jeff, everytume we buy something, you're voting. You just put in a lot of votes!". David loves that!