Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cake Search

Today happens to be a very special lady's birthday... My mama turns 51 today! Isn't she gorgeous?!

To celebrate, I'm scouring the internet for a perfect birthday cake recipe! (I know, I know... I just posted on Weight Watchers, now I'm posting on cake... that's how it goes sometimes!)

I've done a chocolate pound cake for my grandparents' birthdays (they are only a week apart, so cute) and a Paula Deen carrot cake for my dad's birthday... Any suggests for something new & exciting?

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. I love, love, love this Lady Strawberry Cake: I've made it for showers and recently my grandmother's birthday. It's always a hit and looks very pretty!

  2. Smitten Kitchen just did a lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce that looks incredible!

  3. Does she like coconut? There's what sounds like a delicious coconut cupcake (I guess could be made into cake) recipe in the latest Coastal Living. I've been dying to try it...