Monday, April 26, 2010

Cake Boss

A big thank you to the girls who left cake suggestions for my mom's birthday! Over the weekend, I decided to make the Lady Strawberry Cake. I cannot say enough about this cake recipe... It looks beautiful, and tastes amazing too! 

I followed Jen's recipe exactly... The only difference was that I was able to find cake flour at Harris Teeter, so I didn't need to substitute there.  While I don't think mine came out nearly as pretty, I was still very happy with the end result... And more importantly, everyone else loved it too!

Wouldn't it be perfect for a shower? (not-so-subtle hint to married friends: I'm talking a shower of the baby variety)  I must have been in a baking mood, because with the extra butter cream frosting, I decided to make a few quick carrot cake cupcakes...

Thank goodness there was no shortage of volunteers to take home leftovers!  Although, Jeff did manage to save a few cupcakes and a slice of cake to snack on throughout the rest of our weekend!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad this was a hit. Your cake is beautiful!!!

  2. So, will you soon be in need of someone to bake something at YOUR baby shower????

  3. looks good cath! my host mom made a lady lemon cake for my birthday and it was really good, i bet strawberry is delicious.
    can't wait to see you, jeff and ellie of course!