Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Bang for Your Buck: Garden Stools

I've been pretty lucky in finding great deals on garden stools twice... The first time was last year at an estate sale. The last day of the sale I was able to negotiate this blue & tan garden stool for 50% off... grand total: $30.

Compare this to:

Floral Blue Chinese Porcelain Stool at Overstock for $102.99

Garden Stool with Flower Design at Target for $219.99

Hand Painted Garden Stool on eBay for $188
Then yesterday, I reread this post from Bryn on garden stools for $30 at TJ Maxx. I noticed that someone left a comment that Big Lots also had them... but for $20! As extra icing on the cake, High Heeled Foot in the Door posted about these around Christmas too.

I called several Big Lots in the area, finally found one with some actually in stock, and took home a carload! Yep, I purchased 4 garden stools... one in white for my bedroom, one for my mama, one in red for my ma-in-law, and one to grow on!

All 4 of them were purchased for less than 1 of these...

Chinese Garden Stool at Wisteria for $129

Drum Garden Stool at Target for $189.99

Ceramic Garden Stool at Pottery Barn for $159
Needless to say, you can find these at several places for much less than at chain stores (or even eBay)! I never would've thought about Big Lots on my own, but it ended up being a great deal, and left me feeling pretty good about my Monday purchase!
P.S. - Karen & Sophia, let me know where you decided to place your garden stools in the house!

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  1. YAY Frath! Great bargains! I almost bought one at TJ Maxx yesterday! so funny! And keep the comments coming, i love em!